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I called my best friend and without hesitation she told her boss she had an emergency and drove an hour to me. I just laid in bed for three days feeling numb, betrayed and so very violated by the man I trusted.

By the time she got to me she was soaking wet with sweat and she just hugged me, and cried with me. She joked around to make me laugh, even though I always ended up crying again. Finally, I picked up my phone and started Googling every phrase about herpes I could think of to gain some insight as to what I was dealing with.

) The Intestinal #2 you start once your bowels are working really well, it binds to the debris.

It has clay which sucks up fecal matter that's been stuck in there for years. This is a huge deal, because the herpes parasite hides behind heavy metals at the base of your spine, and the point of taking the organic Mediterranean oregano oil is so it can get past the heavy metals and chip away at the lipid coating of the cells that herpes has wrapped itself within.

I figured he had some things he was working through, so I just gave him his space.