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It is also true that most romantic relationships come with a certain amount of push back, and some kinds of romantic relationships still get a lot of push back for things that many/most of us feel strongly are absolutely unproblematic: e.g.

My mum encouraged me to catch up with my best friends from high school, but I felt a bit nervous meeting up with Laura and the girls after five years which felt like five decades.

When I had been climbing pyramids on my own and meeting new friends over tacos, my old friends had all been planning their futures together and some even having babies.

It felt so good to talk to him, and in our break times I started asking Thomas about his life too.

He had just gone skydiving for his 33rd birthday and loved spending the weekends with his sister's kids.

For instance: I hasten to add that none of these point to any clear ethical lapse or mistake on your part.

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    I unequivocally agree, and we will start this process immediately.

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    Ganz egal, ob du Wifesharer, Cuckold oder Lover bist, bei uns findest du das, wonach du woanders lange suchen musst: Kontakte zu Menschen, die deine / eure Neigung teilen!