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Again, parents were not available for either the Capn5 nor Fblim1 CRISPR-edited mouse lines, so strain controls were examined.

Additionally, we also include verification of variants detected in the initial mouse line.

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The key issue is that since parental lines were not available, might the reported variants have been inherited?

To expand upon the limited available whole genome data on whether CRISPR-edited mice show more genetic variation, whole-genome sequencing was performed on two other mouse lines that had undergone a CRISPR-editing procedure.

Taken together, these whole-genome-sequencing-level results support the idea that in specific cases, CRISPR-Cas9 editing can precisely edit the genome at the organismal level and may not introduce numerous, unintended, off-target mutations.

Our analytic research revealed that CRISPR/Cas9 has been utilized for millions of years by bacteria to edit their own genome (as a defense mechanism against virus); hence, it should be the safest of all platforms (like Zinc Finger Nuclease).

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