Is sarah paulson dating anyone

, and talks about her longtime romance with the 74-year-old actress and their 32-year age difference. "But I had a moment of societal concern; wondering if, maybe, people who didn’t know that about me would be like, ' Wait, what?"My life choices are, um, unconventional," she confides. ' But then, you know, I did it anyway."" data-reactid="36".

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Ever since kissing Broadway actress Cherry Jones at the 2005 Tony Awards, Sarah found much more people caring about her significant others."She won a Tony Award, I kissed her, and all of a sudden I was outed. I didn't realize how anxious about it I had been until he said that."As for her most recent role as prosecutor Marcia Clark in , Sarah can't help but acknowledge that her love life in the public eye may have helped her connect to the lawyer."I couldn't help but feel a kind of kinship in terms of being looked at," she explained.

I didn't really think about it in that way at the time—I was just doing what one would do when a person they love has just won a big fat acting prize," she explained to the publication. "But there was so much celebration about my relationship.

“There’s a very big age difference between us which I’m sure shocks a lot of people, and it startles me,” Taylor joked. Paulson famously dated Cherry Jones, 59, for five years and ended their courtship in 2009.

Paulson talked about her sexuality to Pride Source in November, saying she doesn’t want to be labeled.

There’s also a few shots of the lovebirds looking cozy at recent events.