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This book forced people to recognize that the language of traditional religion was not a language that people believed today whether they continued to use it or not....Every would-be theologian rushed into print to denounce this book.Calls were issued for Bishop Robinson's resignation or for him to be deposed for heresy....: "Perhaps more than anything else, Honest to God was a product of its time: traditions were questioned, orthodoxy was challenged and norms of behaviour disregarded.

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Robinson, Re-dater le Nouveau Testament, traduction de Marie de Mérode, Paris, Ed. Dans une postface, la traductrice donne quelques indications sur l'accueil fait à Redating, sur le retard apporté à la publication d'une traduction et sur les rumeurs nées de ce retard.

Il était l'œuvre d'un évêque anglican démissionnaire, dont un autre ouvrage, d'une théologie assez « radicale », Honest to God, avait soulevé des remous.

For a bishop to favor Lady Chatterley titillated the English media.... he wrote a little book called Honest to God that appeared on the bookstands in 1963.

It made the controversy about Lady Chatterley's Lover look pale by comparison.

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