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When it comes to ‘personality’ as long as your blood type is compatible so will you be (okay I’m being a little sarcastic.)Koreans do value personality but not to the degree that Westerners do. More men are letting themselves venture out of their social circles to meet complete strangers.In the West having an awesome personality is a great tool to attract a potential partner. More women are investing their time and money on getting careers (which was unheard of just ten years ago) rather than on becoming a pretty object.In the Korean dating culture, the term “dating” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Korean parents always have their children’s interest in mind.

This is why they feel obligated to choose what is best for their child. If a Korean parent doesn’t approve of you, your Korean partner will take it into serious consideration.

On the other hand in the West it’s more socially acceptable to strike conversations with complete strangers.

Not so in Korea but the dating culture is changing.

This is why, if you’re planning to date Korean girls, you have to understand the basics of these dynamics.