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"I can sit down and talk to Oprah about myself or subjects that I'm really comfortable with and that I really know and have information to put across, but I'm not a dancer. "He's using muscles he never even knew he had," Schwimmer added.

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She has promised she won't force Bono to wear "a hot pink catsuit with legwarmers," but one gets the idea she'd really like to.

Bono has been too busy with the intricacies of ballroom dancing — "posture, the head in the right place, arm movement, fingers" — to think about the sequins that may await him.

She participated in the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars as a professional dancer paired with Lance Bass of 'N Sync, in the eighth season of the show paired with Jackass star Steve-O and in the ninth season paired with actor and Iron Chef America host Mark Dacascos.

Schwimmer returned to Dancing with the Stars for its eleventh season and she was partnered with Disney Channel star Kyle Massey and in the 12th season, paired with radio host Mike Catherwood.

In the thirteenth season, she was paired with transgender activist Chaz Bono.

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