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In terms of size, density and the amount of radiation it receives from its star, the fourth planet out is the most similar to Earth.This important discovery impacts on our understanding of the formation of these star clusters, black holes, and the origins of gravitational wave events.Ask him if you look fat Every man's dreaded question.

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The planets' densities, now known much more precisely than before, suggest that some of them could have up to 5 percent of their mass in the form of water — about 250 times more than Earth's oceans.

The hotter planets closest to their parent star are likely to have dense steamy atmospheres and the more distant ones probably have icy surfaces.

The announcement was made today at a press conference at ESO Headquarters in Garching, Germany.

The ESPRESSO instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile has for the first time been used to combine light from all four of the 8.2-metre Unit Telescopes.

The company was hired to bring back into service a number of mothballed vessels, most notably the FWLS Neuva Badajoz (hull CH4, the former SLS Impetuous).

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