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User Features Don't expect much from the profiles on Chaturbate, because they are as dull as it can get, which is very disappointing when compared to other, more appealing section of this websites.

I've added a screenshot, just so that you could evaluate for yourself how bland the profiles look, but many performers do go through the trouble of filling up all the relevant fields, so there is some info on offer.

Since no information is required other than a name and password (even listing an email is totally optional), I see no reason for you not to register. Benefits: All those given to Guests AND: Premium Membership (AKA Supporter) This type of membership is the only upgrade available on Chaturbate.

However, if you squint your eyes a bit, you'll find a link that opens additional search options.

I've added a screenshot to make this clear, but seriously, the site needs to like give it a color or something, just so users will be able to notice it.

You can get a lot of chatting done and browse many of the site’s sections, but if you want to really get into this cyber chat community, you will need to sign up.

Cost to Join: Free Information Needed: None Benefits: Standard Membership While you can get a lot by just browsing the site as a guest, becoming a member is not without its benefits.

You can decide if you want to only see women for example, but that’s about it. Well, you actually have to go through the entire database of hosts to find the ones you like.