Vepcam - Liquidating united states savings bonds

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When you cash in a bond (or savings notes), the bank or financial institution will issue an IRS form 1099-INT on the interest earned. The 1099-INT form may be issued either at the time you cashed in the bond, or it may be mailed to you right after the year end in which you cashed the bond.

Make certain you keep your 1099-INT form with your taxes.

A 1099-INT is issued by the financial institute for those bonds to that individual at tax time.

If you do not have an existing "active" account with a bank or financial institution, you can go to any "paying agent" or financial institution that handles U. savings bonds (check your local bank listings) to cash it in. You must present a valid Federal or State issued form of identification (example: driver's license, valid passport) and you may only be permitted to redeem up to $1,000 worth of bonds at one time.

It is the responsibility of the Bond Holder to keep track of this information and properly report it when the time comes.