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A composite may have two heavy stresses so long as it is not analyzable as a syntactic group.

Most English vocabulary arises by making new lexemes out of old ones -- either by adding an affix to previously existing forms, altering their word class, or combining them to produce compounds [10, p. Like any other linguistic phenomenon word-formation may be studied from two angles -- synchronically and diachronically: synchronically we investigate the existing system of the types of word-formation while diachronically we are concerned with the history of word-formation.

There are cases in the history of the English language when a structurally more complex word served as the original element from which a simpler word was derived.

The second part - practical in it, we have considered the main ways of word terms on the example of the financial vocabulary.

Here we defined and explained the most common way of term formation, as well as the causes of its use.

But a as in aglitter can't be separated from the verb stem with which it forms a group and therefore is not a free morpheme (word).