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Andrew Kennedy, for Pym, told the panel that the dentist was going through difficulties in his family life at the time.‘The chances that on his first use of a dating website the first thumbnail he would chance on would turn out to be a patient must be infinitesimally small,’ he said.‘He was going through a prolonged and problematic divorce and he was running a business that was barely wiping its feet.‘There were issues in his private life and that led to a need, an inappropriate need I accept, for emotional support.’When he renewed contact for short period the following March, the woman forwarded the messages to his wife.

Pym admitted failing to maintain adequate professional boundaries between himself and the woman dubbed ‘Patient A’ and that his behaviour was sexually motivated.

The relationship quickly turned sexual as the pair continued to trade ‘tawdry’ messages through March and April of 2015.‘Having had a period of time where communications had paused or stopped in late 2015, Mr Pym contacted Patient A at a time when it appears he was having therapy in relation to at least some of those issues,’ said Ms Hobcraft.

She suggested there was still a ‘question mark about Mr Pym’s ability to communicate effectively in terms of ending something’.

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