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The following year the two became involved in a romantic relationship, which their mothers did not approve of due to their rivalry with each other and they made every attempt to keep them apart.

In 2005 During a party in the woods, which Cassie was not supposed to be at but lied to her parents so she could go.

Things go well for them until Alex returns seeking money from Kevin and Daniel or else he will tell Lily about their joint plot to drug and rape her two years ago.

Daniel tells his wife the truth and she moves out of their home; however despite urges from her parents to get an annulment the couple eventually reconcile and become closer.

In 2006 Lily comes home from school and tricks her parents into thinking that she broke off her relationship with Daniel; however with the help of Lily's best friend Colleen Carlton the pair secretly reconcile, and after news breaks that Malcolm Winters not Neil is Lily's biological father the two decide to announce their relationship.

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    Earlier, I had written about configuring the Atom Editor for Golang development and this one is about setting Visual Studio Code for the same.

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