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Hound Tor, Swallerton Gate, Swallerton Gate Cross, granite trough, Dexters, Bowerman's nose, bluebells, Dartmoor white-faced sheep, dung bonnets, Manaton Church, pennywort, lichen, lousewort, Blissmoor longhouse, pink purslane, Jay's Grave. Gate-holder stone, Kestor Rock, distant deer, hut circle, hawthorn tree, Hurston Castle / Castle Rock, sedge (Carex spp), drystone wall, Canada geese, Hurston, sundial, slotted gateposts, Lower Shapley, apple blossom, beech leaves, Two Moors Way, Mariners' Way, (350) 2014-4-21. Pancras Church, Widecombe-in-the-Moor sign, Widecombe Fair characters, East Webburn River, Chinkwell Tor, Rugglestone Inn, slotted gate post, Beatrice Chase (Olivia Katherine Parr), Venton, Higher Venton Farm, Dunstone Court, Dunstone Cross, Dun Stone, pennywort, village green. Houndtor, local hunt, deserted medieval village, drying barns, kilns, ovens, longhouses, slotted gate posts, lapper bridge, Becka Brook, Ilsington/Manaton boundary stone, Leighon, pumpkins, camping barn. River Lyd, stepping stones, footbridge, Brat Tor, Widgery Cross, Arms Tor, Great Links Tor, Hare Tor, Doe Tor. Venford Reservoir, Holne Moor sign, 2009 spillway, Dart valley, Sharp Tor, lichen, White Wood, bracket fungus, Bench Tor, Mel Tor, Yar Tor, Rowbrook House, Combestone Tor, strip fields, Richard Dawson - Lord of the Manor of Holne - boundary stone. The Hurlers stone circles, The Pipers, incised cross, RJL 1846 boundary stone, mine engine houses, The Cheesewring, ponies, rainbow, sheep, Sharp Tor, Stowe's Hill, fleur de lis, Daniel Gumb's House, Rillaton Barrow, Caradon Hill, archaeological 'dig' for a crystal pavement. West Down, Grenofen Manor, River Walkham, disused quarry, sett makers' bankers, fungi, West Down Mine chimney, kiln. 2013-6-6 Narrator Brook bridge, gate and stile, Sharpitor, Leather Tor, Down Tor, adit, Cuckoo Rock, Rough Tor, bluebells, Sheeps Tor, Meavy, oak tree. pillar, Petre's Boundstone, Petre on the Mount, Redlake china clay waste heap, Combestone Tor. Norsworthy Bridge, C (County) stone, blowing houses (Norsworthy tin mills), wheel-pits, sheep creep, Leathertor Farm, potato cave, Leather Tor Bridge, Riddipit Steps, Riddipit Farm, Riddipit Tin Mill, mortar stone, spring (with movie), adit, Riddipit gert, Keaglesborough Mine, Classeywell Far, Nosworthy Farm. Powdermills, Lych Way, Powder Mills Leat, incorporating mills, gunpowder, maidenhair spleenwort, tar, water wheels, wheel pit, magazine, reservoir, Cherry Brook, chimney, flue, unidentified mosses. Two Crosses in Turf Stone, Honeybag Tor, Chinkwell Tor, Bell Tor, D Stone, Blue Stone, Kingshead Tor, Herring's (Aaron's) Knock, Stoneslade Tor, cist, small cross, WW2 anti-glider poles, Hameldown Beacon, Hamilton Beacon, Grey Wethers Stone, cairn, Old House Stone. Drove Lane, Grange Plantation, Brook Barn, stacked wood, fieldfares, Hall Farm, Elizabeth Chudleigh a.k.a. Mill stone, hut circle, pound wall, Vixen Tor, Merrivale double stone rows, menhir, King's Tor, Great Mis Tor, Great Staple Tor, logan stone, feather and tare rock splitting, CW2 china clay sett boundary stone, Hucken Tor, pennywort, lousewort, bluebell, lesser celandine, wood sorrel, Little Wonder Bridge, Pila Brook, gate hanger stone, explosives store, Grey Down Quarry. Petroc's Church Harford, Tristis Rock, Erme Valley, Sharp Tor, Three Barrows, Hangershell Rock, Puffing Billy track, Butterdon Hill 2 km stone row, foal. ), laurel, Brent Moor House Memorial, Shipley Bridge, C-stones. RAF Memorial, cross carved in beech tree, Gibhill Cottage, Maurice Courtney Steer plaque and seat, Delamore House, Hanger Clump, Dartmoor Whiteface sheep, Headon Down China Clay Works, gorse flowers, witch's broom, Broomage Wood, chainsaw evidence, Broomage Farm and well, Crownhill Tor, hawthorn blossom, Tolchmoor Gate, Cholwich Town Farm cross, Piall River, Quick Bridge. Postbridge, road bridge, clapper bridge, dipper, common polypody, gorse flower, East Dart Valley, old disc harrow, Dury Brook, Sousson's Wood, Pizwell, Runnage Bridge, Billy from Pizwell, young rabbit, Postbridge Cemetery. Headland Warren Farm, artefacts, plastic owl, gerts possibly from Vitifer mine, West Webburn Valley, Grimspound, Hookney Tor, RAF Memorial, WW2 3-metre anti-glider poles, warren boundary stone, dog kennel wall, rabbit-proof walls. Magpie or Bedford Bridge, River Walkham, Wheal Franco copper mine, brick works, Screw Bridge, moss, minotaur dung beetle, daffodils, Old Station Road, Magpie Viaduct. Shapley Common, Round Hill, Jurston Valley, Curlicombe Brook, Chagford/North Bovey parish bound stone, slotted gateposts, Jurston, Mariner's Way, chimney pot, clapper bridge, stepping stones, roe deer, Lettaford hamlet, The Landmark Trust, circular stone. RAF 1942 Stirling Bomber memorial stone, Piall Woods, seat and memorial plaque, Delamore House, Headon Down, Cholwich Town China Clay Works, mica settling tank, leat, kaolin, granite constituents, Broomage Wood, oak trees, common polypody, abandoned well, Broomage farm, Crownhill Tor, smoke from swaling, Tolchmoor Gate, Cholwich Town Farm Cross, Quick Bridge. Leonard's Church, Sheepstor, Maiden Tor, Sheepstor Warren House, Pixie's Cave, Sheep's Tor, Plymouth Breakwater, Scout Hut, Gutter Tor, Hen Tor, Yellowmead multiple stone circle, hut circle, PCWW 1919 water catchment boundary stone, crows on sheep. Brent Moor (Shipley Bridge) china clay works, Shipley Tor, plain boundary stones, Rider's Rings, Black Tor, roundhouses, enclosures, Avon Reservoir, Avon dam, rhododendron, The Hunter's Stone. Pew Tor, Pu Tor, marker stone (1896), North Hessary Tor, King's Tor, Great Mis Tor, Great Staple Tor, inner marker (1847), bullseye stone. point, rowan in a deep pit, fly, Devonport leat, crowfoot, Newleycombe Cross, Down Tor, Sheepstor, Combeshead Tor, Hingston Hill stone row, Crazywell cross. Lych Way or The Way of the Dead, Bellever Forest, The Hairy Hand of Dartmoor, Sitka spruce, animal clamp, Princetown, Bellever Tor, Laughter Tor, Bellever Tor letterbox, prehistoric settlement, Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust ponies, Rough Hawkbit. Hawthorn blossom, bluebell, Teign estuary, WWII bullet stop, EPB 1837 boundary markers, milkwort, Dartmoor ponies, sheep creep, Buckland Beacon, The Ten Commandments Stones, Wells Tor (Welstor Rock), WWI rifle range, lime-loving ferns growing on old mortar - maidenhair splaenwort, black spleenwort. Middleworth Farm, shippen, hayloft, Heath Speedwell, track towards Deancombe, approach to Deancombe Farm, possible pigsty, granite trough, Deancombe Farm remains, String of sausages lichen (Usnea articulata), Spotted Wood butterfly, rare giant granite mushroom - otherwise known as staddle stones, grinding stone for sharpening farm implements and tools, Cuckoo Rock, unknown plant, second set of staddle stones at Deancombe, a conifer tree growing in / on an oak tree, Narrator Brook, bluebells, mortar stones, Heath Spotted Orchid, orange fungus, Outholme Farm, shaped granite mullion; Down Tor, Leather, Sharpitor, Combeshead Farm cave, cache, growan, hawthorn blossom, Hingston stone row, cairn circle, Burrator reservoir, sheep. Hemsworthy Gate, three-sided parish boundary stone, old gate post, Dartmoor ponies, Top Tor, Hound Tor, bluebells, Hollow Tor, Tunhill Rocks, backlit sheep, Pil Tor, plane, St Pancras Church (Widecombe), Blackslade cist, medieval longhouse, Rippon Tor, Blackslade Brook, ford and stepping stones, boundary stones, speedwell, Newhouse (old inn), slotted gatepost, recumbent hawthorn tree, A 1793 boundary stone, Rippon Tor features, trig. old farms, dolls head, aqueduct, sluices for water flow control, Crazy Well Pool, restored cross, old tin mine, worked stone.

Eustachius (Eustace), medieval gargoyle, Ordulph Arms, lower ground levels, milestone, stained glass windows. Setters Tor, non-granitic rock, Stephen's Grave, Bronze Age settlement, conrete roller, Broadmoor Brook, sheep creep, slotted gate post, Twyste Farm, Boulters Tor. Sourton Tors, marker stones, King Way, SWW water works, ice works, Meldon Reservoir, boundary ditch, apple crusher, Pixies' matchsticks, Meldon dam, Shelstone Tor, luggage "handle" on a large rock, non-logan stone, Vellake valley, Greep Quarry. Emsworthy Tin Mine, Emsworthy Lane, bluebells, granite posts, old sycamore tree, bracket fungi, sheep creep, Hound Tor, circular platform, semi-worked granite, granite tramway, Fitches' Holt, gymkhana, Holwell Lawn, Greator Rocks, Emsworthy West Quarry, Bagtor/Ilsington manorial bound stone, unfinished apple crusher. Teign Estuary, Emsworthy, tramway, gorse blossom, Hamel Down, Chinkwell Tor, Honeybag Tor, Hound Tor, Holwell Tor, Saddle Tor, Haytor, leat, Emsworthy Rocks, bluebells, slotted gate posts, alpine cow bell, barn owl box, longhouse, Becka Brook Bog, Emsworthy Mire, hut circle, Baggator and Ilsington boundary stones, Common cotton grass, Fitches Holt, Whortleberry Rock, North Hessary Tor, Greator Rocks, Manaton Church, curlew, cuckoo, Templer granite tramway points, unfinished apple crusher. Bluebells, hut circle, triangulation pillar, Hawks Tor, Huxton Farm boundary marker, WW2 anti-aircraft radar station, Beatland Corner cross. Hurston Water, River Bovey, Bushdown Mine, leat, gerts. Fernworthy Forest, Hurston Ridge double stone row, cairn, cist, Kes Tor, hut circles, Hurston Castle, West Vitifer Mine, buddles, wheel-pit, waterfall, Bennet's Cross. Whitchurch Down, Shorts Down, Plaster Down, Brentor Church, milestone, box well, liverwort, King Alfred's Cakes fungus, ramsons, wild garlic, slotted gate post, hollow-way lane, quartz, foal, Holland Villa, Pu Tor, Great Sortridge Mine, vista of tors, "TA" on a stone. Reave, Horn's Cross, Stacombe Telling Place, PUDC Venford reservoir catchment boundary stone, RD / H, cairn, Ryder's Hill, trig. Bronze Age roundhouse/hut circle, Hanger Down Clump, feathers and tares, Butter Brook, plantation, reservoir, Tor Rocks, blowing house, mold stone, holey stone, tormentil, Tor Rocks Quarry, St. points (survey stations), dam, Longstone Hill, Sourton Tors, Meldon Viaduct, Red-a-ven Brook, Black Hill, quartz veins, lichen, aplite quarry, Red-a-Ven Copper Mine, Devon Copper Mine, Blackdown Copper Mine, Okehampton Wheal Maria, Meldon Mine, weighbridge, finger tip dumps, wheelpit, West Okement River, Meldon Pool, beech trees. Early clay sett bound stones, Blackaton or Roman's Cross, Emmet's Post, cairn, barrow, china clay scenery, Luxton Tor, Trowlesworthy Farm and tors, Hen Tor, Shaugh Bridge china clay drying works, River Meavy, River Plym. River Avon, Japanese larch possibly infected with Phytophthora ramorum, unhealthy nearby Rhododendron (ponticum? Artefacts from the Bronze Age, from tin-streaming, tin-mining and from granite quarrying. A walk led by Simon Dell MBE (Dartmoor Guide) on the slopes of Middle Staple Tor looking at granite working including the sett makers' bankers. Photos of Rough Tor covered by branches of a fir tree, and then uncovered. Ringmoor Down, medieval farmsteads, longhouses, Legis Tor, vermin trap, Legis Lake, cist, stone row and circle. Ruins of Narrator Farm, lichen, Narra Tor, Down Tor, Burrator Reservoir, Sharpitor, Leather Tor, Sheepstor Warren House, rabbit bury, rock pan, Maiden Tor, Joey's Lane, corn ditch wall. Narrator Farm ruins, blocked gateway, Narra Tor, Joey's Lane, Burrator Reservoir, hawthorn tree, Sharpitor, Leather Tor, rabbit bury (pillow mound), St. Thomas a Becket, Lake viaduct, Great Nodden, boundary stone, triangulation pillar, Sourton ice works, Iron Gates, King Way, icicles. Leather Tor, Middleworth Farm, Snappers Tor, bearded lichen, bracket fungus, Down Tor, Sheep's Tor, Deancombe Farm, staddle stones, Narrator brook, mortar stones, blowing house, adit, Combeshead Tor, Cuckoo Rock, Outholme cist, mine shaft, Rough Tor. This was a very misty day during which I didn't take very many photos: Postbridge, road bridge, clapper bridge, tin workers mould stone, "The Barracks", Bellever Forest, Lakehead Hill antiquities, possible "sheep creep". Four Winds, Longash Leat, Longash Brook, explosive stores, Hill 60 Quarry, Hollow Tor Quarry, Rundlestone, Tor, old prison boundary stone, DCP prison boundary stone, North Hessary Tor, TV transmitter, PCWW 1917 inscription on North Hessary Tor, TA stones, Tyrwhitt's horse-drawn tramway, Cake Stone, Bronze Age settlement, West Mead Quarry, Red Cottages. Ringaston ring cairn, cist, Soussons Plantation, South Sands, forest tracks, orienteering, ridge and furrow ploughing, owl pellet, fallen tree, Red Barrows, Dartmoor Exploration Committee. Grimstone & Sortridge Leat, Plaster Down, Samford Tor or Little Pew Tor, Sampford Spiney Parish boundary stone, Heckwood Quarry, feathers and tare, broken trough, Feather Tor, clapper bridge, Beckamoor or Windy Post Cross, bullseye stone, abandoned apple crusher, millstone or feeding trough? Fernworthy Reservoir, round house, ice crystals, Lowton Brook settlement, Asacombe Hill/Assycombe Hill, double stone row, blocking stone, Asacombe Brook settlement, Asacombe Farm remains, pixie's matchsticks, steaming tree trunks, frost crystals on a gate. Twyste Farm / Twist, attempted "venville" holding, slotted gate post, sheep creep, Broadmoor Brook, clapper bridge, layered hazel hedge, Devon United Mine features, leat, buildings, shafts, ponies, Thomson Turbine, hazel catkins, River Tavy movie, gorse flower, Longtimber Tor, St Peter's Church - Peter Tavy, restored village cross. Bagtor Down, leat, manorial boundary stone between Ilsington and Bagtor manors, Bag Tor, rock pan, gert, Bagtor Cottages, stream, clapper bridge, slotted five-barred gateposts, Happy New Year! Sheep, Lydford/Bridestowe/Sourton parishes boundary stone, Widgery Cross, Bray Tor, Arms Tor, Great Links Tor, Little Links Tor, King Way, Rattlebrook railway, Great Nodden, newly-found cross, King Wall, corn ditch, Lake viaduct, cross base, Strollers Christmas lunch. Plymouth Leat, Drake's Leat, Devonport Leat, clapper bridge, Clearbrook, The Skylark Inn, pony, South Devon & Tavistock Railway, Clearbrook Halt, bridges, River Meavy, Yeoland Consols mine, Sheep's Tor, granite trough, horse drawn tramway, Plymouth & Dartmoor Railway, Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt, Tyrwhitt's Wharf. King's Oven car park, Warren House Inn, Fox Moth caterpillar, V-stones, King's Oven, Water Hill, Hurston Ridge, Assycombe Hill, double stone row, Kes Tor, Natty's Castle, Four Aces enclosures. Bellever Forest, Laughter Hole House, Laughter Hole Farm, Loughtor, epiphytic lichen, goat, string-of-sausages lichen, Usnea articulata, Loughtor Gate, blocking stone, Loughtor Man, Haytor, Laughter Tor, Haytor, sheep measure, Bill Mudge Memorial, Laughter Tor Cross. Shaugh Bridge drying sheds, River Plym, River Meavy, new 2010 footbridge, movies of the rivers, Shaugh Brick Works, Ferro-Ceramic Company, Brogden-Caspar Tunnel Kiln, exposed tree bole, Dewerstone Quarry, Count House, embankment, bridge pier, Urgles Cross, sunken lane, quarry brake drum gear, inclined plane, railway granite setts with nails and nail holes, crane base, The Pixie, iron mine, Common Polypody. Sharp Tor, reave, Yar Tor, cairn, Corndon Tor, Cathanger Rock, Money Pit, Cave-Penney Cross, Belstone Bible, Honeybag Tor, Chinkwell Tor, Bell Tor, Mel Tor, gatepost memorial to CNG, large hut circle. New Bridge, canoeist, River Dart, Royal Fern, Two Moors Way marker stone, mosaic of leaves, playful pony, crab apples, holly berries, Leigh Tor, pumping station, water trough, lichen/fungus, autumn colours, water lily (Cape Pond Weed). William Rees Jeffreys, Grimstone & Sortridge leat, Vixen Tor, cist, SB/WB parish bound stone, Sampford Spiney parish and Whitchurch parish bounds, Heckwood Tor, feather & tares, broken trough, clapper bridge, Feather Tor, lichen, apple crusher / cider press, fungi, Windy Post or Beckamoor Cross, Bullseye Stone, wooden wedge marks, Barn Hill, Blacksmith's Shop, Whitchurch Common, wheelwright's form, aqueduct, longhouse. New Bridge, River Dart, Rock Pavement, Deeper Marsh, Leigh Tor, Iron Age pound, crab apples, oak tree, spangle galls, woodland views, holly with berries, unidentified flower, Leigh Tor Pumping Station, granite seat, puffball, lichen, Victorian Lily Pond. point, stone row, Black Pool, boundary stones, Western Beacon, Ugborough/Harford parish boundary stone, quarry, Two Moors Way. Norsworthy Bridge car park, tin mine, water wheel pit, clapper bridge, Devonport Leat, spider webs, gorse, Leather Tor, Sheepstor, Burrator Reservoir, Cladonia-type cup lichen, Cross Gate Cross, sawn log, Cross Gate cist and cairn. Postbridge clapper bridge, road bridge, mould stone, Kraps Ring hut circle, Lakehead Hill cairn circle, fallen willow, short stone row, cairn circle and cist, Bellever Tor, ragwort, second cairn and cist, Yellow Stag's-horn Fungus, Fly Agaric, Cep or Penny Bun Mushroom, unidentified fungus. red campion, stonecrop, bramble flowers, marsh thistle. Fox Tor Mire, Whiteworks, golden-ringed dragonfly, FB, Rock tripe lichen, six-foot deep mire !!! Cadover Bridge, River Plym, Sundew, Cadover Cross, cairn, Wigford Down, Ringmoor Cottage, Sheep's Tor, cows, hawthorn tree, lichen, longhouse, Dewerstone Rock, inscriptions, Cadworthy Tor, cairn circle, cist. Fox Tor Mire, Whiteworks, Devonport leat, Whiteworks Farm, mine shafts, Goldsmith's Cross, cist 1, Fox Tor, Childe's Tomb, Fox Tor Girt, dry Wheal Emma Leat, River Swincombe, cist 2, cist 3, DPA - Dartmoor Preservation Association. Arboretum, Burrator Reservoir, filled-in gateway, Sharpitor, Leather Tor, Sheep's Tor, heather flowers, Gutter Tor, Scout Hut, Yellowmead Down multiple stone circle, Down Tor, Roughtor Plantation, Combshead Tor, Cuckoo Rock, Sheepstor Church, Feather Bed, Altocumulus undulatus, Pixie's Cave, pillow mound, climbers, Maiden Tor, Chinook helicopter, English sedum, granite trough. Yellow flag iris, Leather Tor Bridge, fern, signpost, Raddick Lane, Raddick Plantation, Leather Tor, Sharpitor, European larch, Keaglesborough Mine leat, blackface sheep, Crazy Well Pool, clapper bridge, Devonport leat, "black" aquatic moss, Cramber Tor, Burrator Reservoir, North Hessary Tor, common cotton grass, hare's tail cotton grass, Cramber Pool, trig. Burrator Reservoir PCWW 1917 catchment area boundary stone, Nun's Cross, Nun's Cross Farm, Sluices, Devonport Leat, Fox Tor Mire, Northmore's Cross, Whealham Bottom Cross, clapper bridge. A totally blue sky day: Gutter Tor, Scout Hut, Legis Tor, Ditsworthy Warren House, Drizzlecombe stone rows, Giant's Basin, The Royal Oak pub at Meavy. Crockern Tor, Stannary Parliament, table rocks, judge's seat, bench, Littaford Tors, West Dart River, Beardown Tors, Longaford Tor, Devonport Leat, Higher White Tor, stone row, Wistman's Wood, Wentworth Buller stone. Finally, a special "Thank you" to Celia and Alan for hospitality during the walk. Crownhill Down, Lee Moor china clay works, Headon Down clay works, Broomage Farm, Whitehill Tor, Crownhill Tor, a brick, Mumford Cottage, a stile for giants, gatepost, stone circle, tree lichen, Lee Moor boundary post, wild thyme? Grenofen, River Walkham, woods, trees, trees, trees, wild flower etc. Crockern Tor, Bellever Tor, Littaford Tors, Beardown Tors, West Dart valley, Wistman's Wood, inscribed Wentworth Buller stone, fern, moss, lichens, Usnea (Beard Lichen or Tree Moss), Greater Stitchwort, Sedum, inscribed rock, Crow Tor. Long Ash Garden Centre, Yelverton, wet moorland, wet grass, wet bracken, wet paths, wet trees, wet sheep, wet cows, wet walkers, wet bluebells, whitebells, Iron Age settlement, fort or pound with surrounding ditch ("Castle Field"), Berra Tor / Burra Tor / Beara Tor, badgers sett. Plymbridge woods, canal, tramway, viaduct, peregrine falcons, trees ......... Hound Tor, cairn circle and cist, Haytor, dew pond, grass (carex species), Greator Rocks, reave, Holwell Lawn, bumble bee, Holwell Tor, pixie land, Harvey's jump, lichens blowing in the wind, laurel flowers, Medieval village, longhouses, drying barns for corn, the witch. Boulter's Tor, Setters Tor, settlement and White Tor, Great Combe Tor, lichens, sundew, sheep moving, haycutter and scuffler, new-born lamb, Brentor, Peter Tavy, swimming pool, gorse, lousewort, cuckoo flower (Lady's smock), Colly Brook/ Wedlake/ Peter Tavy Brook, bluebells, ramson (wild garlic), Red Devon cattle. Two Crosses, Wind Tor, common gorse, western gorse, violet, Drywell crossroads, Drywell Cross, early purple orchid, pink purslane, Dockwell, Hutholes medieval village, longhouses, cooking pit, drying kilns for corn, National Park information board, May blossom / hawthorn, slotted gatepost, water crowfoot. Sharpitor, Stanlake Plantation, Stanlake Farm, Devonport Leat, clapper bridge, Indian doll's head, River Meavy, aqueduct, Black Tor, Logan Stone, double stone row, cairn, cist. A misty morning became a blue sky day and a walk to the highest point in southern England: Rowtor, West Mill Tor, military field gun emplacements, ponies, Yes Tor, High Willhays (High Willies, locally), cairn, Big Bang - demolition of unexploded ordnance found during military clean-up operations! Prewley Moor, reave, Sourton Tor, East Tor, The Iron Gates (marking the King's Way), Yes Tor, ice works, boundary stone, quartz. Burrator, dam, gorse, suspension bridge anchor points, earth dam, Longstone Manor, cider press, cider keeves, windstrew - raised threshing floor, slotted gate post, wild daffodils, bracket fungus - all on a clear, blue-sky day with some haze in the distance. Harefoot Cross car park, Top Tor, Pil Tor, Blackslade Down, cairn and cist, Whittaburrow and cairn, Tunhill Rocks, hut circle and homestead, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, frog spawn and Bovey Rock. Yennadon / Lowery Cross, approaching hail shower, poetry plaque, Walkhampton church, stone row, frog spawn, Brent Tor, pixies matchsticks (British Soldier Lichen or Cladonia cristatella), Great Mis Tor, Burrator Reservoir, Sheeps Tor, sett makers' bankers, Devonport leat, tree-felling. Haytor, granite tramway, main quarry, crane winding gear, crane jib, iron rings fastened into granite rocks, second quarry, Holwell Tor. Sharpitor, hut circles, reeve, Leedon tor, Ingra Tor, quarry, circular crane bases, railway halt. Dartmeet, Badgers Holt, Brimpts Farm, Yar Tor Down, spring, large hut circle - The Monument, re-erected doorway stones now fallen again, Vag Hill rabbit warren with pillow mounds, Combestone Tor, Vag Hill Pit, Warren House, confluence of the East & West Dart rivers at Dartmeet - the Double Dart, ancient clapper bridge at Dartmeet. Bennet's Cross, Birch Tor, Vitifer Mine area, enclosure, Headland Warren Farm, pound, Two Moors Way, shelter/hut, Warren House Inn. Smeardon Down, Boulters Tor, Twyste Farm, slotted granite gate post, sheep creep, granite roller, Bronze age settlement with round houses/hut circles below White Tor. Deancombe Farm, Cuckoo Rock, Combeshead Farm, potato cave, Combshead Tor, Hingston Hill circle and stone row, three cists, Down Tor. Parking near the Warren House Inn for King's Oven, Vee-stones, unfinished mill stone, Water Hill cairn, Caroline Farm, disused mine shaft. Blackaton Cross and Trowlesworthy Tors, with views to Leather tor, Sharpitor, Sheeps Tor, Hexton Tor, Hen Tor. ), Holne track, West Dart River, Luckey Tor, Medieval field features, small aqueduct. A very grey day - Princetown, GWR stable, Princetown Brewery, Devils Elbow, Rifle range, hut circles, Hart Tor, lichens, fungus, red moss, South Hessary Tor. New Waste Gate, Redaven Gulf, Stalldon Barrow stone row, Hillson's House, cairns, cairn and cist, settlement, hut circles, leat, clapper bridge. DPA Fungus Foray at Yarner Wood/Trendlebeer Down 2008-10-9. 2008-8-22 Burrator, blowing house with mould stone, potato cave, River Meavy, potato cave, bridges.

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