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Then, ten bones in the ankle, two in the lower leg, five in the knee, one in the thigh, and three in each hip. This yields a sum of 102 bones on each side, for a total of 204. These include the eighteen vertebra of the spine, nine bones in the head, and eight in the neck.

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Vilna Gaons View According to our mystical tradition, the human being is a microcosm of all creation, and within the human being one can find the characteristics of every creature.

The Vilna Gaon, a leading sage of the 18th century, states that this idea is expressed in the following pasuk, where the Creator proclaims: Bereshit (Genesis) Let us make the human being in Our image and after Our likeness.

In his view, human characteristics such as our walking upright, having two eyes, the heels of our feet, all remind us, if we understand them correctly, of attributes of Ha Shem.

Specifically, our walking upright indicates a lack of subservience, our eyes remind us of Ha Shems awareness of good and evil, and our heels can remind us of the ubiquity of sin.

Down to the last, seemingly insignificant detail of the Masoretic text, the Torah has been passed on with the understanding that it is a living structure from which not even one letter can be excised without seriously harming the entire body.