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If you want to verify if a crontab is running and not have to search for it in or syslog, create a crontab that redirects output to a log file of your choice - something like: This is a very old question, but none of these answers seem satisfactory.

Let me show you how to use their live chat service. Conclusion: I hope with all the new services provided by Airasia, it can reduce the numbers of calls and waiting time.

1) Login with your Air Asia member ID now to use this service. I know a lot of people are not satisfy with their call service including me but I would like to give a chance to them as Airasia is Malaysia’s Product and I hope Airasia will keep on reward us with Airasia Big Promotion so Everyone Can Fly Now with Airasia.

But it can be set up to create a separate cron.log, which is more useful.

This Q&A describes the process: 16.04: How do I make cron create and monitor it in real time?

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