Oracle statistics invalidating sql

Queries and DML on an orders table used in electronic order processing are predominantly primary-key based and heavy volume causes fragmentation resulting in a frequent need to reorganize.

oracle statistics invalidating sql-15

Oracle function-based indexes are a super silver bullet for optimizing your SQL to do a minimum amount of I/O to get the rows that you need. Issues with function-based indexes One of the most common Oracle SQL tuning problems are full-table scans that are imposed by invalidating a WHERE clause predicate with an Oracle built-in Function (BIF).

This problem is especially prevalent when constraining SQL queries for date ranges because of the intrinsic encryption of the relational database DATE datatype.

They support features such as constraints, triggers, LOB and object columns, partitioning, parallel operations, online reorganization, and replication.

And, they offer these additional features: Index-organized tables are ideal for OLTP applications, which require fast primary key access and high availability.

Next call to the sql statement will be a hard parse.

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