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They're still together, and reports that Lovato told an Australian radio station that she'd say yes if he proposed…but who knows? Let's just try to keep him from Disney and Nickelodeon's acting crowds. Not only is there a 23-year age gap between the couple, but Sam was Aaron's director—his boss, which creates a bit of a creepy power dynamic between the pair.

Still, Aaron insists the age difference doesn't faze him.

These noteworthy celebs all hooked up with people who probably only had learner's permits.

In fairness, she turned 18 shortly after they met…but that's still pretty icky.

Shortly after their split in 1998, Seinfeld met his current wife, Jessica Sklar, who'd just returned from a honeymoon with her then-husband, but at least was age-appropriate for the funny man.

that she refused to identify the father, but that "everything is going well and he is very supportive." Perhaps the reason she didn't want to identify her baby daddy publicly is because, well, he's a teenager.

Her boyfriend, Ronnie Banks, had only just turned 18 when they confirmed the baby news.

Plus i went to the same high school as Denise Richards and had no clue that this was a movie she was in until she came onscreen..of course that made it watchable for me.