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Email us at [email protected] tweet @Huff Post Divorce Below, journalist and Huff Post Divorce blogger Vicki Larson shares how divorcing in her 40s compared to divorcing in her twenties. Probably not in her 20s; isn't that when women start marrying?

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With that in mind, researchers at Consumers decided to analyze divorce statistics for the largest 200 cities in the country to find which ones had the largest population of divorcees.

Here are the cities with the highest percentage of residents identifying as divorced: Data is from the U. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) 2016 release of 5-year estimates.

Taking civil service tests is another good avenue because it doesn’t matter if your experience was 20 years ago, as long as you have some.

People often wait to get divorced until the kids are grown. How does their parent’s divorce affect adult children?

I feared my 40s were going to be the decade of loss. I wanted to know what dysfunction I had brought to the marital table, so I went on a weeklong intensive to understand my family-of origin issues.