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The health of you and your baby is our primary concern, so our sonographers will be checking that your baby is developing normally and that there are no obvious or potential problems with the pregnancy.The sonographer will perform a brief anatomy scan and you will be given a progress report of our findings to take away.We are going two weeks today which will make me 7 4/5 so you should be able to see or hear the heartbeat.

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The age of the pregnancy is easily determined through ultrasound measurement and the presence of one, two or more babies is established.

The examination is usually carried out by scanning through the abdomen but if the pregnancy is very early, scanning via a probe inserted into the vagina may be appropriate (transvaginal ultrasound).

If the baby is older than 22 weeks we will measure the growth We will find out the gender of the baby if required 2 pictures included Enquire Now!

Pregnancy scans can be performed from the early dating / viability phase to growth and presentation (positional) scan in the later stage.

I think I will probably go back there when I'm further pregnant for one of those 3d scans and take both sets of parents with us as a treat as its first baby for us and first grandchild for both sets of parents so it's totally different since they went through it with us!!