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Rob approaches a girl at the bar who’s wearing a fedora and an orange crop top. “I’m Rob.”“Nice to meet you,” she drawls, chomping on gum. I’m never sure how to play that.”“You can play it however you like,” she says. He texts her: “I just hit on a girl who was wearing a fedora.” He sends another: “u would have had a field day.”Kristen texts back immediately: “lemme guess, she took off an article of clothing and said she wanted to go ‘swimming.’? He picks up the girl’s fedora from the ground and puts it on his head. “You were excellent in the presentation.”“Oh, uh, thanks, Lana,” James says.

”“You’re right.” Vanessa tosses the jacket on the sofa, and walks back to her bedroom. ”Robert Pattinson is reportedly “on the hunt” for a girlfriend at a Malibu July Fourth beach party. I mean, I’m wearing all these clothes, this button-down, my hat, so . Rob slumps on the bar stool and takes out his phone, scrolling to Kristen Stewart. If you had let me know you were here, I would have—”“I never knock, James,” she says, drifting into the room.

In an interview with Wilson, Entertainment Weekly writer Chris Nashawaty said to the actor, "Allen says he doesn’t see a lot of new movies, but the one of yours he had seen and what led him to cast you in ." While it may seem unbelievable that the hilarious bro-comedy would attract Allen, it did.

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Written by Tina Fey, this seminal movie about a group of bitchy high school girls called The Plastics is one of the most quotable films, like, ever.

Mc Adams plays head Plastic, and main nemesis of Lindsay Lohan’s Cady Heron, Regina George. The Notebook, 2004 this romantic weepie, even though he revealed years later that they actually hated each other during filming.

Rachel Mc Adams may be reuniting with her “Wedding Crashers” co-star Bradley Cooper, as the thesp is in early talks to join the cast of helmer-scribe Cameron Crowe’s untitled pic at Sony.

Cooper and Emma Stone are currently on board to star with Scott Rudin producing. Plot details are being kept under wraps except that Mc Adams would play Cooper’s ex-lover.

One of my favorite pastimes is pointing out actors who star in multiple films together and comparing their relationships between films.