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But Leon starts to develop his true feelings for Violetta, and it hurts him because Violetta sees him just as a friend, and nothing more.But later, after they were singing More Tears in Angie's class, Violetta starts to see Leon in a different way.

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But their relationship didn't work out as they thought, and they broke up twice because Violetta couldn't stop thinking about Tomas, and Leon was upset, but he still loves her.

After Violetta came back from vacation she realizes she still loves Leon but Leon still has doubts after last year.

She goes out on stage but can't sing and Leon rescues her and they sing We Can.

Violetta and Leon start to become close, Leon wants to get back together but Violetta thinks that Leon is with Lara. The lyrics show how Leon finally finds the right girl for him, and how he wants to be with her; also, Leon shows throughout several episodes how he wanted to sing it with Violetta.

Leon and Violetta first met in Episode 5, when Leon saved Violetta from colliding with some skater kids. They had their first real conversation in Episode 6 when Ramallo introduced Violetta to Leon, when they were at the Studio to talk with Beto about Violetta's private piano lessons at Studio 21.