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James Dupree walks past his exuberantly decorated studio building on Haverford Avenue in Mantua.

He fought for two years to keep the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority from seizing the property for a suburban-style supermarket.

So I can only assume I have quite a few Armenian readers here. Peggy seems to really be trying to oversell the Armenian thing. I worked as a gate agent for Eastern Airlines for a brief time right before they went belly up.

Yet when they cook “Armenian food” it seem like no one really seems to know what they are doing. I love airports and have spent a lot of time in them.

Even though Mantua is a neighborhood of small rowhouses and narrow streets, the developer’s plan called for plopping down a classic, highway-style retail cluster in the middle of those residences.

Had the city bothered to do any market research, it would have quickly realized the location was all wrong for such an auto-intensive project.

Based on the title, I presume this episode will be very Peggycentric. I also hope I have the health and energy Lydia’s mom has if I make it to 69. Peggy trying to get her young son to get Vicki and Tamra to give him a kiss on the cheek at the same time its pathetic.