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This Sunday, Alcala will be the subject of the Investigation Discovery movie ) in the title role.“The first thing that fascinated me about him was I heard he was one of the most prolific serial killers in America and I hadn’t even heard of his name,” Diaz tells in this exclusive interview.

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This time Alcala would spend two years in prison, eventually released in 1977.

Imagine your life ends just when you think it’s about to begin. In 1979, in Huntington Beach in California, twelve-year-old Robin Samsoe went to the beach with her best friend thinking she was about to start her first job at her ballet school; but, Rodney Alcala had a different plan for Robin.

Ultimately, the justice system wins and he does get convicted, but it took a long time.”Going to such a dark place in their respective roles wasn’t easy for either actor.

Preston recalls getting a horrible respiratory illness.“I was sick as a dog playing this and you can’t help but wonder if that was somewhat psychological,” she says.

Ultimately, Alcala was only charged for assault and spent as little as 34 months behind prison walls.