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In addition to looking for Sehuencas water frog adults and tadpoles, the expedition team will test the water of streams and rivers at key sites for traces of DNA from the frogs, confirming that they are there to be found even if team members don’t see them immediately.

“Like the black-footed ferret, golden lion tamarin and California condor, we aim to add the Sehuencas water frog to the list of incredible species that have made a comeback thanks to heroic conservation breeding efforts,” said Robin Moore, amphibian conservation biologist and GWC communications director.

To me, North Austin looks to much like any other city, boring, lacking the "Austin" vibe, the people up there remind me a little of Dallas people, and I do not like Dallas at all.

And I do not like anything at all about anything near the Rundberg area up North.

We don’t want him to lose hope, and we continue to remain hopeful that others are out there so we can establish a conservation breeding program to save this species.” Match and GWC together aim to raise $15,000 by Valentine’s Day to support the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative’s 10 expeditions to locations where the species was once common, and also to places with similar habitat where biologists have not had a chance to look before. To give Romeo a platform and bring his story to life, Match has created a profile for the amphibious bachelor where singles can learn more about him and donate to his cause.