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He received global negative attention and says he even received death threats in the mail.

In the end though, the Olympic officials acknowledged that marijuana was not actually banned at the time and returned his medal.

He kept that lead as the other snowboarders finished their runs, giving him victory by two-hundredths of a second. But that feeling was soon replaced by worse ones, beginning the next morning when his coaches told him he had tested positive for a substance.

“The coaches sent everyone else out of the room and they told me to stay and I better sit down,” he recalls. This is the worst thing that could happen.'” Rebagliati took a two-hour bus ride down the long mountain road toward Nagano to meet with Olympic officials.

t age 42, snowboarder Jasey-Jay Anderson will become the first Canadian to compete in six Winter Olympics at the upcoming 2018 Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Instead, the athlete to become the first male snowboarder to win an Olympic gold medal following the second GS run was Vancouver-native Ross Rebagliati. “We’re doing great,” Rebagliati says of the cannabis firm. We built the first store here in Kelowna and we’ve got several stores under construction across the country. Our store is beautiful.” Among other things, he says the cannabis products help with pain, sleep and anxiety issues.