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The use of the term Rus/Russia in the lands of ancient Rus' survived longer as a name used by Ukrainians for Ukraine.

When the Austrian monarchy made vassal state Galicia-Lodomeria a province in 1772, Habsburg officials realized that the local East Slavic people were distinct from both Poles and Russians, and still called themselves Rus, until the empire fell apart in 1918.

Today, some modern Ukrainian politicians, as well as the Ukrainian government, claim that Rusyns are part of the Ukrainian nation.

Nowadays some of the population in the Zakarpattya oblast of Ukraine consider themselves Rusyns (Ruthenians) yet they are still a part of the whole Ukrainian national identity.

On the same day, regular troops of the fascist Hungarian Army invaded the region. In 1944 the Soviet Army occupied Carpatho-Ruthenia, and in 1946, annexed it to the Ukrainian SSR.