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(The name came from the word "canton," meaning "military camp.") These decrees called for the forced conscription of Jewish boys into the Russian Army.These boys were between the ages of 12 and 18 and were forced to serve for 25 years!

This is the astonishing moment a camper wakes up to find an enormous Russian icebreaker ship just outside his tent.

The surprised camper shared the clip on Instagram with the caption: 'What's the view from your window?

' The campers were sleeping in tents on the ice of the Yenisei River, which flows from central Siberia into the Arctic Ocean.

At the start of the clip the bright orange interior of the tent can be seen as one of the campers lies with his feet towards the entrance.

Of course, the problems of Russia had nothing to do with the Jews.

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    Attracted to books that in some way—through their form or content—challenged the status quo, Rosset published writers other presses passed up because the were too far out, too experimental, or violated the prevailing mores of the day.

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    The settlement would also help to keep Spain's California military garrisons supplied and fed.

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    (Both sides agreed to drop the suits early last year.) Despite the controversy, the company subsequently attempted to streamline its bot-creation process.

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    Matthews — a longtime celebrity interviewer who notes (correctly) in a confessional that he’s “making headlines” by pressing Manigault — asks her why she went to work for him in the first place.