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He wrote the first treatises on the science of compressed air and its uses in pumps. Prior to the water being heated over the fire, but little wind is emitted.

As soon, however, as the water begins to boil, a violent wind issues forth." № 50. PLACE a cauldron over a fire: a ball shall revolve on a pivot. 50), containing water, and covered at the mouth by the lid C D; with this the bent tube E F G communicates, the extremity of the tube being fitted into a hollow ball, H K.

Bob Davis became the CEO and first employee of the new company in 1995, and concentrated on building the company into an advertising-supported web portal.

Lycos enjoyed several years of growth during the 1990s and became the most visited online destination in the world in 1999, with a global presence in more than 40 countries.

Since 1998 Free Find has provided site search engines to over 200,000 websites.