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The same thing in the Ministry of Health budget: We are looking at the fifth year in a row of flatline budgets for hospitals.

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But the dietitian is not free; the consultation will be 60 bucks.

“Well, I didn’t think I had to pay, but if the doctor there says I need to talk to a dietitian, I must need to talk to a dietitian; therefore, I will pay.” Then the barriers to access start.

I thought we had medicare.” Yes, but all of a sudden there’s always a way they find to basically put in barriers to access to care.

I cannot vote in favour of a document that is basically pushing barriers to care—this is what we New Democrats call them—because once there are those backdoor fees imposed on patients, it means that some of us won’t go.

All of this is gone because we have not built up the same amount of scrutiny that exists in our hospitals. It means that services that used to be completely accessible—your physician or your nurse practitioner would refer you for a colonoscopy. You got your little paper that said, “Show up at , don’t eat anything,” and that was it.