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tried to make an effort towards moving on with Nicole.

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He became determined to get to the bottom of it, and remained convinced that the baby belonged to him. Stefano agreed to end the vendetta against the Bradys if Sami would marry E.

A final paternity test ordered by Marlena and Sami in the hospital confirmed that Johnny was E.

For the first few months of his life, Little Elvis was passed off as John Black's son, John Jr. appeared on the scene, living across the hall from Sami. tried to flee town, but there had been roadblocks set up.

Eventually Susan reclaimed her child and learned that Stefano Di Mera was her child's real father. He and Sami soon became friends, and when Sami began being blackmailed by an unknown party, E. was there by her side to listen to what she had to say without passing judgment. also had a clandestine relationship with Kate Roberts, but it was soon revealed that he was actually Elvis Aron Banks, in Salem on Stefano's orders to kill John Black. He picked up a hitchhiking Sami Brady and used her to get past the roadblocks.

She said that she wanted to be with Lucas, but couldn't stand the idea of E.