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I just want to know, as precisely as I can, what your position is.'Universal Background Checks' is a rather amorphous term. What are you hiding that answering civil questions would reveal? You didn't post for a couple of weeks, after posting up to 100 a day for 3 years. Gun gnutter motto: When a quote doesn't work for you, make one up.

Please help me clarify just what it is you are asking us to accept. They aren't 'gotcha' questions and have no right or wrong answers. Take as much space as you need to adequately explain what you mean.****Are you calling for Universal background checks on sales or transfers? If my son inherited a weapon at 16, was there a transfer to a minor. We exchange rifles and walk out of sight of each other. There was obviously a temporary exchange but no sale. Let me know when you can tell me who is prohibited person just by looking at him, Vance.

i'm in an odd niche luxury market, an owner operated company, and am secure with my position.