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She also really didn't seem to mind when I would rub her back under her shirt and lift it up so you could see the back of her bra.

Never have seen her since she watched me that a teen yet, way off, my aunt came to visit us, beautiful woman. Long blonde hair, gorgeous figure, long legs, but what did I know as a kid.

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I thought I was king shit because I was walking with these two pretty girls who were older than me, & my friends didn't know they were actually there babysitting me.

And like I mentioned a moment ago, we played games.

When I'd be at her house she'd start playing with my hair and scratching my back and when I tried to rub her hair she'd tell me to rub her arms instead because she didn't want to mess up her hair.

I also kissed her once and she said "no kissing allowed…." but she said it slowly like she really didn't mind.

When I was four and visiting my grandparents/cousin, the 8 or 9 y/o neighbor girl pulled my pants down and repeatedly kissed my dick and giggled.