She actually believes parents should prohibit kids from dating until

And I don’t understand why some parents have problems with that, including mine.

News that a graduate student had been killed the week before classes were scheduled to start rocked the University of Idaho last week.

“It’s much more common than it should be.”Despite policies put in place at colleges and universities during the past decade that prohibit relationships between professors and the students they teach, and newer policies prohibiting all romantic and sexual relationships between instructors and undergraduates, professors on campuses across the country say that while such relationships are not common, they are more frequent than many expect."Sexual harassment has not disappeared from our campuses" and the "development of policies and programs has not eliminated the problem -- and perhaps never will," wrote Billie Wright Dziech, an English professor at the University of Cincinnati, and Linda Weiner, a former college administrator, in their book The Lecherous Professor.

My boyfriend is from Pakistan and I'm a white girl. Every single one of them treated me horribly and/or cheated.

We've been dating for almost 3 weeks now and everything is going great. I met my current boyfriend and thought it was a blessing that he came into my life until his parents started to make a big deal out of him dating a white girl.

I know that he's not going to hide things now but I don't know why he'd even suggest hiding us in the first place and not fight for us instead. We haven't talked about marriage, its only been 3 weeks.

But we've known each other for awhile before that.

The only reason why I have an age restriction for the ages 13–14 are because none of their bodies, and minds to an extent, are mature enough for sex.