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If they’re mysteriously always out of battery or refuse to provide you with hotel contact information when they’re out of town, however, then something might be up.

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If your partner’s work life is taking precedence over that, there’s reason to give pause.

Just because your partner travels for business doesn’t mean they’re cheating.

Just take a look at one admission of guilt featured on Whisper.

This person is torn between slapping and hugging the man she had an affair with.

In fact, Nelson explains your partner may have created a unique intimacy with another person, which means you’ve been cut out at home.

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    Webcams and video dating (video chat) has changed this a little bit, nevertheless full body-language signs can still be disguised or concealed when people decide not to use webcams in complete light, or if they don't put themselves completely in the view of the camera.

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    If you have approach anxiety when it comes to meeting strangers in person, online dating gives you all the time you need to calm down and send that message.