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These determinations confirm earlier dates of the Sunghir 2 and 3 burial, but they are the first ones dating the culturally similar Sunghir 1 burial of the same age.

Companies in the CEE region have started to actively search and tap into other external markets, although full substitution was not possible.2014 brought better conditions for the business activities of companies in the CEE, thanks to a rebound in domestic demand (especially household consumption in most CEE economies), as well as improved Eurozone prospects.

These improvements were also confirmed on the microeconomic side.

With stronger signs of a Eurozone recovery and the ongoing improvement in domestic demand in many CEE economies, Coface forecasts that insolvencies will fall by 6% in 2015, compared to the level recorded last year.

Nevertheless, detailed economic conditions will affect the results recorded in specific countries.

Il y est officiellement admis le 1er janvier 1973, en compagnie de l’Irlande et du Danemark.