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Indeed PRNGs are often found to be the cause of erroneous stochastic simulations and calculations [11, 13].As for cryptographic purposes, all major families of PRNGs have been cryptanalyzed so far [32], and use of PRNG where an RNG should be used will therefore present a big security risk for the protocol in question.In cryptography, due to Kerckhoffs principle where all parts of protocols are publicly known except a secret (the key or other information) that only the sender and the recipient know, it is clear that the secret must not be predictable or calculable by an eavesdropper, i.e., it must be random.

RNGs are one of the hottest topics of research in recent years.

There have been about 83 patents per year in the last decade, 1418 in total since 1970, and countless scientific articles published regarding true RNGs.

Lotteries are yet another serious business where random numbers are essential.

Due to the large sum of money involved (estimated six billion USD annually only online and only in the USA [18]), some countries have set explicit requirements for RNGs for use in online gambling and lottery machines and have set certificate issuing authorities.

RNGs play a crucial role in many applications such as cryptography, machine learning, Monte Carlo computation and simulation, industrial testing and labeling, hazard games, lotteries, and gambling.