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Thomas Blood, grandson of WB - noted London-based artist-engraver (vi) Matthew's youngest brother, Mark Blood (b.1677/85-1751), heads the line leading to Bridget Blood (1795-1833/39), 'Biddy the Beautiful' (vii) Matthew's youngest brother, Mark Blood was the grandfather of Lieutenant George Blood's wife, Elizabeth Deborah Blood (c.1770-1856)(i) wife Caroline Roe (c.1730-1805), and children Frances "Fanny" (1758-1785) and George (1762-1844) were friends of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797)(ii) older brother, John Blood (1721-1799), called Bacon Blood for his fondness for bacon which he accepted from tenants in lieu of rent(iii) Captain Neptune Blood (d.1815), son of John, went by the nickname of 'The Copper Captain' because of the colour of his hair(iv) Captain Neptune Blood (d.1815) was grandfather of Joseph Fitzgerald Blood (1853-1924) and of John Blood (1849-1912) (v) Captain Neptune Blood (d.1815) was great-grandfather of Major General Sir Bindon Blood (1842-1940) (i) George and his wife Elizabeth Deborah Blood (c.1770-1856) share Thomas Blood (1640-1726) as a common great-grandfather (ii) George was the brother of Frances "Fanny" Blood (1758-1785), the great friend of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) (iii) George was employed by the Associated Irish Mine Company as Secretary and Accountant (1794-1812) (iv) Elizabeth's brother, William Blood (1760-1801), married Catherine 'Kitty' Compton (b.

1767) (v) William Blood (1760-1801) was shot dead in his coach by a highwayman (vi) Kitty's sister Cecelia Compton was the second wife of Michael Blood (1755-1812), younger brother to Colonel William Blood (1749-1784) (Col WB) (i) William was the Secretary, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce between 18 and knew Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849)(ii) youngest brother was John Lloyd Blood (1814-1894), great-grandfather of journalist Brian Inglis (1916-1993) and artist Wendy Lloyd Blood (1915-2015) who married artist Edwin John Victor Pasmore, CH, CBE(i) George Edmund, Joseph Holman and Francis Holman were directors of Blood, Holman & Company Ltd., 9-10 King Street, Bristol, Grain Brokers(ii) wife, Kate Eleanor Nolan (1847-1897), was his cousin once removed via the Perrin family, an artist and a Turner copyist (ref: Bob Blood)(i) Maurice had two siblings: Frances Edith (1871-1960) who died unmarried, and Bessie (1873-1879) who died aged 6(ii) Maurice married Roberta Harriet Jones (1869-1943) daughter of William Jones, on 4th April 1896(i) John Neptune had two younger brothers: Robert Bindon (1901-1958) and Patrick Maurice (who died in 1912 on the same day he was born)(ii) John Neptune married firstly Norah Emily Pearson (1899-1985), daughter of Ezra Pearson (1863-1920).

He declares war and proclaims Radamès to lead the army. Radamès is ceremonially installed to the office of commander-in-chief. After all leave, Amneris falsely tells Aida that Radamès has died in battle, ticking her into professing her love for him. Aida rushes to her father who tells her not to betray their political identities.

Left alone, Aida expresses her conflicting emotions between her love for her father and country, and Radamès. When Amneris reveals that Radamès lives, Aida is jubilant, and the enraged princess makes plans to take revenge on her rival. Amonasro declares that the Ethiopian king (he himself) has been slain in battle.

Pinafore, Madama Butterfly, The Magic Flute, Man of La Mancha, The Merry Widow, A Misdummer Nights Dream, Le Nozze di Figaro, I Pagliacci, The Pirates of Penzance, The Rakes Progress, Rigoletto, Sacco and Vanzetti, Semiramide, Speed Dating Tonight, Street Scene, Suor Angelica, Sweeney Todd, The Threepenny Opera, Tosca, La Tragédie de Carmen, La Traviata, . Cecilia Orchestra, Pueblo Symphony Orchestra; Princeton Arts Festival Act 1; Sc. Radamès hopes that he will be chosen as the Egyptian commander and dreams both of gaining victory in battle, and of the Ethiopian slave Aida, with whom he is engaged in a secret love affair.