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With the foe starting to chase him, Peter finally called in for back up as his teammates arrived. Having faced the villain before, Peter wasn't exactly put to much difficulty in defeating him.Though they were unable to defeat the Lizard with their brute strength, they were able to buy Spider-Man enough time to get a antidote for their once ally. Peter effortlessly dodged several of his blasts and soon caught the villain in one of his webs, resulting in the villain being shocked.

With his rejections, Connors started to feel saddened, but alas, agreed with Spider-Man's opinions.

As the two prepared to depart, Peter accidentally activated the alarm and defense system of Doc Ock's lair.

As Nova arrived, Spider-Man and the former were knocked down by the assailant, revealing himself to be Doctor Octopus. Peter wasn't able to, however, as he rushed his teammates back to their home.

Much to Spider-Man's surprise, the nefarious tentacled villain had not perished, as he had previously thought. However, after noticing the very few amount of space he had at his home with his teammates, Spider-Man took Conner's back on his offer and returned to aid him.

Though he and his teammates outnumbered Batroc five-to-one, they proved unable to defeat him as he easily bested the group and made his way.