Sixs video sousra - Teen dating violence awareness

Share this “ICan Do Something NY” video with your friends and check out the Resource Card (pdf) HTML (Web page) for more information.#orange4love Turn your school, community, and social media accounts orange for love.Encouraging healthy relationship behaviors that focus on boundaries, consent, and respectful communication are key factors in preventing teen dating violence.

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New York State joins the nation in marking February as Teen Dating Abuse Awareness Month. Check out these ideas and get involved to prevent dating abuse in your community.

You may help save someone’s life.s, often doesn’t involve physical injuries.

The DVPP funds 83 projects that deliver community-based violence prevention programs to combat domestic and sexual violence.

This is important because violence is interconnected and it is important to work together to end all types of violence.

Being an active bystander means doing something to stop abuse that is happening, intervene before abuse happens, or get help for the person being abused.

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