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03/01/2013 pm: Kapil: 03/01/2013 pm: Madhu: 03/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Sorry, was on a call 03/01/2013 pm: Kapil: K 03/01/2013 pm: Kapil: M in bed now 03/01/2013 pm: Kapil: 03/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Gn baby 03/01/2013 Discussion With Fiance: Is It Allowed? Post: 18 view: 10074854, sarfaraz, Wednesday, 23rd November 2011, am by kashif0682. Post: 21 view: 10073944, Maria_z, Friday, 25th November 2011, am by damnation.

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For testing purposes it was connected to a standard Arduino board (Diecimila) using 4 shift registers.

The shift registers are 8-bit wide and are easily interfaced with the SPI protocol.

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