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in Feb 1945 and was in Air Transport Command flying P-47’s and P-51’s He graduated from Turner Field, S/N: O-820680. He was credited with saving at least 10 lives as a pilot in the "Snafu Snatchers" (PBY Catalinas) air sea rescue squadron. He stayed in the service for 21 years and was qualified to fly B-52’s. There was a collision with another plane in the same squadron.

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Approx 30 enemy FW-190’s fighters attacked and severly damaged his plane.

22, 1944 he was co-pilot on a B-24J (S/N: 42-51300) with a crew of 9 leaving from Castelluccio, Italy on a bombing mission on the Lobau oil storage installation at Vienna, Austria. (MACR #8002) He graduated from Spence Field, S/N: O-820446.

He flew 32 missions as a B-24 pilot in the 489th Bomb Group in England.

He stayed in the Services as a Pilot and Ground Electronics Officer.

Afterward he was an Air Traffic Controller at Chicago, IL. He stayed in Albany to instruct in AT-11’s and B-25’s for one year. He flew 35 missions over Germany and also missions to Scotland and France, following D-Day. Following the war, he returned to West Virginia and worked his way from bookkeeper to Secretary-Treasurer of Inland Mutual Insurance Company in Huntington, WV. Charleston, WV He had one son and daughter, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.