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You may need to butter them up a bit first." "Well you seem to be a very nice person Mr. Unfortunately I can't honor the first shipment of this contract.If I had 3-5 pieces of Turquoise I could make some "relics" real fast to ship to Morcu Corp. Do this for me and we both will be rewarded." "Fantastic.After installing the latest version, visit Administration → People → Custom Permissions (admin/people/custom_permissions) and save the form.

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You may need to befriend the owners of the house before getting access, just a thought." "Yes, this book describes three powerful relics left here by the old kings of Al Simhara. There's no time to explain, but you must go to the merchant (Sim name) before Morcu Corp' goons arrive and obtain the Relic of the Sun, which is in the merchant's possession. " "Ah, so (Sim name) wants me to hand over this Relic, eh? You had best hurry though, I may get a better offer! I will put it to good use, unlike this Relic I've been hoarding for so long. Explore the sands around town to find 2 pieces of Mummitomium with which to bribe the Morcu Corp goons.

There's a lot of information that we can use to track down the final relic. I have no use for it, but you do, which means there is value in the piece. Bring that back to me." "I've arranged for the Mummitomium to be deposited in a chest in the local Morcu Corp Headquarters. Problem is, the security systems will most likely be online... Take this package of Mummitomium, deposit it, and watch your back." (Sim name) receives a phone call from (Sim name). Just leave it there and the henchmen will take care of the rest. The information is there, but I cannot get it from my computer. " (Sim name) receives a phone call from (Sim name). According to the data, the Tomb of the Desert Ocean is an underground oasis, a vast source of water for centuries.

I'm far too busy to dig up the 5-10 hunks of Copper they want, but am willing to pay you to do so. One of the head merchants, (Sim name), will accept this bribe to pay off the workers.

Deliver this package to (Sim name) and he should give you some useful information, a location to be exact.

It is time the locals understood how bad for business and growth this resistance is.