Tips for dating a younger girl

Nice guy game is trying to impress the girl by not doing anything wrong instead of not giving a damn what the girl thinks. They’re being too permission seeking, and they’re not physically escalating.

That’s the problem that older gentlemen have in particular. You come across as a nice older man to talk to, but ultimately, it’s kind of boring to a younger girl because it’s too much like talking to her dad.

Tips for dating a younger girl

There’s a common belief in our culture that older gentlemen talking to a younger girl is somehow creepy and it’s this negative social pressure that keeps 99 percent of older guys away from younger women, so the vast majority of older guys are afraid of what other people are going to think and they’re afraid of being seen as creepy.

But this works to your advantage because 99 percent of the competition has already eliminated itself and 99 percent of older men are not even in the game.

As men, as we get older, we get stuck in our habits. You want to become a revolutionary and the revolution is to overthrow your old self, to unseat yourself from power and start fresh.

Can you cast away your old broken relationship with food and start researching what it takes to build an incredible body?

But when you’re older than her, even if she’s madly crushing on you, she likely won’t show any signs or signals of outward attraction for you. Because she’s afraid of how others will judge her for it.