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I predict that by the time you read this, Maggie, everything will have sorted itself out.“You have to be really clear on what you want,” says Lindsay Chrisler, a professional dating coach based in Hell’s Kitchen.

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)But what I want to then do is re-set the invalid data to the default..

The edit box is tied to a property, so that's how I read it in my DLL (Msi Get Property()).

Status: Install Shield confirmed that this is a problem in all versions of Install Shield Developer and in ISWI since version 1.52.

But there are only two calls in my IScript custom action: Msi Get Property() and Sprintf Msi Log(). BTW, where can I see the list of functions that cannot be used in CA called from dialogs?

Just don’t overdo it, and remember that humor and tone don’t always come through in a text.