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This gives the appearance of a manufacturing error.

To avoid this abutting a Union Jack must have a ratio no squarer than 25 2√46 : 21 ≈ 1.836412379345 : 1 ≈ 595 : 324; achievable by replacing the 25s with (9 √46)×10/7 ≈ 22.54618569.

If the flag were longer than 25 3√41 : 16 ≈ 2.7630857945 : 1, four of the blue triangles would collide with the white edge of the St George.

To make the area of the red of the cross of St George equal to the blue of the cross of St Andrew, the ratio needs to be ≈ 1.9653199433 : 1, this being a root of 0 = 41509r – 10092r 949.

Wiseman Contents: The Union Jack in Post Script, Description of correct construction, A frequently seen error, Areas of the various parts of the flag, Variations on the 2:1 ratio, Union Jack or Union Flag? The next diagram shows the correct construction: The flag is twice as wide as it is high.