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Point Three Romans chapter one is clearly dealing with God’s wrath being poured out on a group of unspecified Gentiles who were participating in idolatrous worship, were haters of God, knew God but did not glorify Him as God, and who were full of fornication, wickedness, envy, murder, and pride.

Does this accurately describe our family and church members who are homosexual?

I fear for those who, on judgment day, will be required to give an account for those members of their congregation who have suffered homelessness, disease, and addiction simply because the church was unwilling to offer them the same support they offered the heterosexuals in their Church community.

Point Six Citing the fact that there is “no evidence that someone is born with a gay gene” is not only a misguided thought process but a scientifically unsound one as well.

If the Bible does not incite homosexuality as one of the sins of Sodom and if it was not the cause for its destruction, then we cannot rightfully infer that it (homosexuality) is a sign of the times based on Jesus’ reference to Sodom in the Gospel of Luke.