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Lastly, prior to applying updates, create a backup in some form or fashion of the existing version of the embedded application.

Backups can come in the form of redundant systems running an older version of the application to system images.

Back to Top An alternative to imaging based update methods is to instead rely on application components, which are defined by component definition files (CDFs).

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To address use cases in which the development site is different from the deployment or client site, users can acquire an image at the development site, transfer the image to the client site, and then use the RAD utility at the client site to administer the update to embedded endpoints.

The RAD makes the transfer of an image relatively easy as everything is contained in a single .lvappimg file.

The RAD Utility requires a host machine with at least the Lab VIEW and System Configuration Run Time Engines installed.

With remote, disconnected endpoints, there may not always be a host computer available to perform the system update.

Figure 1: With the RAD Utility, one can acquire an image at the developer site, transfer the .lvappimg image file to the client site, and use the RAD Utility at the client site to administer the system update.