Updating inbox error message

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But now, after all that effort, I find my pst file, which holds all of Outlook’s data, is still about as large as it was before I did those deletes, and my e-mail is still sluggish. You’re discovering that it’s not enough to just delete old messages.

To make matters worse, when I delete a whole bunch at a time, my system keeps hanging up with an Out of memory error. You’ve got to take one more step: defrag the data files, which in Outlook’s lingo is called Compacting.

This worked for me to get a phantom email count of 1 off of my Exchange mail. I have Windows 7 and have no intention of upgrading.

The Exchange problem I am having is that in IOS 9.0.2, or ever since I got the 6s last week, none of the emails in my outlook folders show up on my phone.

I have also tried to mark all emails as unread in my inbox, and then try to mark all as read to see if that corrects the problem but it doesn't.