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These corruptocrats stole it because they knew it would speed up their takeover of the American Republic. “Social networking” appeared almost overnight like a Phoenix via the IBM Eclipse Foundation in early 2004 once Leader Technologies had finished debugging their source code. Considering that these organizations move hundreds of billions of dollars of American tax money around the planet, The MSM has been silent and has clearly failed to hold them accountable, as is their job. OPIC’s 2017 Annual Management Report says they have provided .2 billion in benefits to recipients worldwide—all decisions made by the SES. Since they are all based on fake values, no real services will be affected.

Now we know that this gaggle of criminals are the successors of Nazi Brown Shirts for the Deep State shadow government. 4—WAR PROFITEERS: The SES, OPIC, USAID, Serco, the Crown Agents and Lockheed Martin operate a border less, corporatist, globalist economy where national sovereignties are obliterated. Comey believes his oath to serve America does not include its leaders if he decides to have a globalist agenda. Conclusion: SES-OPIC has been a rogue outfit ever since the SES was formed in 1978. Serco Group PLC is a British company with 10,000 employees and annual revenue of .9 billion. In addition, write the Miller Act Notice check to Leader Technologies for 18 years of unpaid use of their revolutionary social networking invention.

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They are prohibited from holding “even one share” by a spouse in a litigant. military contracts that were then sold in 2008 to Serco (UK) who was a partner with Lockheed in AWE Management Limited (Atomic Weapons Establishment)(UK) along with British Nuclear Fuels Limited in which the British Crown has a "Golden Share" and 100% control. AWE Management Limited (UK) (Atomic Weapons Establishment) On Nov. The Queen, via Rio Tinto, actually sells these companies uranium ore to produce the nuclear fuel—that is enriched in America! BNFL is a notorious acronym for British Nuclear Fuels Limited (Plc.).

The games that our judges, politicians and bureaucrats are currently playing by hiding their financial holdings in large corporate litigants behind conspiring mutual funds is just obscene. Bradford "Brad" Antle very evidently orchestrated the creation of SI International, Inc. 10, 1998, AWE Management Limited was incorporated in the United Kingdom by two lawyers who had one share each. Bradford Antle had just started Serco’s US predecessor SI International in Chicago. So, did the AWE directors check with the Queen before making this deceptive statement? Lockheed Martin appears to be a globalist government unto itself Lockheed’s influence over critical national security organizations on both sides of the Atlantic, including AWE, Serco, SES and OPIC is evident. It appears that Lockheed Martin sold out the American Republic long ago. We have two more groups to discuss, then we will swing back around to SES and OPIC.

This corrupt practice began in earnest after a Judicial Conference in March 2001—six months before 9/11 & the theft of Leader's social networking invention—without public hearing or debate. Brad Antle was the Serco-Lockheed Martin go-to executive for the Deep State overlords While Brad Antle was triple-timing employment among SI International, Serco and Lockheed Martin, former FBI Director James B. This is a standard way lawyers start companies without involving the founders in order to handle the perfunctory formation paperwork which usually gets amended later. 13, 1999, Serco Limited facilitated the updating of the stock to the real owners British Nuclear Fuels Plc (50,000 A shares – Golden Shares controlled by the Crown), Lockheed Martin (50,000 B shares) and Serco (49,998 C shares). Serco and Lockheed Martin hold 2/3rd of the shares in AWE Management Limited (UK). AWE runs Britain’s nuclear programs for weapons grade materials. Did the Ernst and Young LLP auditors include this slippery language to give the directors, officers and Crown deniability about their duplicity? The auditors probably slaved mightily over this obfuscation. Crown Agents USA Washington DC & USAID See American Intelligence Media’s new article laying out the history of the Crown Agents. EXPOSED: ALL THE QUEEN’S AGENTS AND CORPORATIONS THAT CONTROL THE WORLD.

We call it holdings in Facebook financial interests. Comey was General Counsel at Lockheed Martin (2005-2010). Comey: “A Higher Loyalty” 2017-current, FBI 2013-2017, HSBC (UK) 2013, Bridgewater Capital 2010-2013, Lockheed Martin 2005-2010, Attorney General 2003-2005, US Attorney 1996-2003, Mc Guire Woods 1993-1996, US Senate 1995, US Attorney 1987-1993, Gibson Dunn 1986-1987, other. The other 1/3rd of AWE shares are held by British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL). Such material nondisclosures are likely criminal offenses, especially considering the grave national interests involving Britain's nuclear arsenal. This article includes links to actual contracts that USAID pays to Crown Agents, its similar British counterpart.

They have filed “Miller Act Notices” at the White House and have proposed a remarkable non-tax $500 billion new revenue source and a Win-Win fix for the horrific problems that this theft has caused. For new readers unfamiliar with the Leader Technologies story, we have added a footnote overview of the Leader “innovation magic” story below so that we can get to the main theme of this post. No reasonable person can view the giving away of a vital office to a foreign power as anything but sedition. Army, Navy, SPAWAR, Intelligence, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, US Border Patrol as well as the Transportation and Commerce Departments. Silverman formerly with Bain & Company (Mitt Romney). Bradford Antle who, according to his Bloomberg biography, was still working for Lockheed Martin, where he was leading Lockheed Martin's Washington Technical Operations with 1,700 employees. These sorts of devious convolutions have come to be expected by our researchers. At this same time Michael Mc Kibben (who later founded Leader Technologies) was being told by AT&T Bell Labs engineers with whom he was working to create AT&T Access Plus 3.0 for Windows 95 that Lotus Notes Conclusion In conclusion, we have tried to introduce the primary caves in this labyrinth of global corruption. The American Republic can survive this, if we acknowledge what is going on and do something about it. President: Defund the Criminals and Fund The Miller Act Notice Mr.